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Take Care of Yourself

Expert in helping organizations utilize the power of their people. Relatable and energetic keynote speaker. Best-selling author. Founder of the movement, Take Care of Yourself™.

I discovered a while ago that you could not have a happy family or a successful business if you focused on one of those things alone. Our lives are intertwined now more than ever. How we take care of ourselves directly affects our children’s happiness and the success of our businesses.

Together, we will learn how to be still and listen to the things that make our souls happy. Then, we will transform them into our superpowers. Our hustle will have a purpose. And we will change the way we move through this world.


On stage or virtually, Rachael’s message is full of relatable, actionable advice. Her passion and expertise align to create meaningful change for every individual. No fluff. Just high energy, high results.


What clients are saying?

“Rachael was great! Very easy to work with. Her speaking was very motivating, you can tell she is very passionate in helping others understand it’s okay to want more and to just go for it! It was very interesting to hear her story on how she became a speaker and how she truly found her happiness. No matter what stage in life you are at she is definitely worth it.” – Angelica, Director, Athleta

“Rachael was an absolute delight. Her dedication to empowering women should be respected.” – Janeshia Adams-Ginyard, Emmy nominated actress, speaker, Black Panther stunt woman

10 Habits to Take Care of Yourself

Think of this as the place your entire life gets results

Ten take-at-your-own-pace chapters designed to transform your life from the inside out.

  • Each chapter dissects different areas of our lives – food, movement, energy, instinct, community, career – how we can make them work better on their own and as a whole
  • Research, strategies and tools from over 15 years of research
  • Weekly live zoom calls with Rachael for Q&A and conversation
  • Hours of supplemental materials that will demand immediate action in your life
  • Walk away with actionable steps and a personalized plan for living well
  • This course is for teams and individuals looking for a comprehensive solution to living well. No quick fixes here.


About me

Do it for you. And finish it.

Hi. I am Rachael.

I’m not here to motivate and inspire your teams to Take Care of Themselves. I am here to make them moveWith over 15 years of work and research, I keynote and train audiences using strategies for overcoming burnout, inspiring growth in business and in life, and increasing confidence and productivity. I believe that each of us deserves to live and work with purpose, energy, and confidence. No, I will not teach your people to self-care or how to bubble bath their way to their goals. I take a much more effective approach…

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