Rachael offers two powerful keynotes designed to ignite immediate change and inspire success in both business and life.

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Professional tradeshows

Educational Institutions

Leadership teams

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What clients are saying?

“Rachael was great! Very easy to work with. Her speaking was very motivating, you can tell she is very passionate in helping others understand it’s okay to want more and to just go for it! It was very interesting to hear her story on how she became a speaker and how she truly found her happiness. No matter what stage in life you are at she is definitely worth it.” – Angelica, Director, Athleta

Keynote Option 1

Take Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Business: Learn to use instinct, mindset, and grit to create positive change for your brand and your clients

Learn why taking care of yourself is the key to strengthening your business, retaining clients, and creating a culture of productivity and joy. Using compelling stories and years of research, Rachael will help remind your teams how the most powerful tool in our businesses is our people. And the strength of our people starts with how each person takes care of themselves. We’re not talking about bubble bathing our way to our goals, but instead, the real work it takes to hustle with purpose and empower your team to embrace challenge and change.


  • Create habits that will have a direct effect on your productivity and purpose.

  • Discover key tools and strategies to elevate your business from the inside out.

  • Position your team as the ONE client work with again and again.

Keynote Option 2

Live Well. Team Well.

Teams matter. The energy. The wit. The collaboration. It all matters. When the team works, the business works. When it doesn’t, the business suffers. In the past few years, teams have been shaken. They’ve changed and grew and shrunk and oftentimes people never meet each other in person. Some of these changes are permanent. Organizations have the opportunity to see them as positive changes and use them to elevate their brands.

Creating a culture one can be proud of begins with each individual. Every leader, every team member taking responsibility for the way they move through their life, in and out of their work. It begins with us. How we respect ourselves and others, how we communicate with ourselves and others. Tapping into people’s strengths, energies and goals, empowers them. Empowered individuals make powerful team members. You will shift your organization’s focus from hurrying to hustling; the concept that takes teams from mediocre to impactful.

In this keynote, Rachael Amarante starts with the individual needs and values of your people. Using research, case studies and personal stories, Amarante provides tangible ways to take those individual findings and utilize them to elevate your teams.


  • Learn the concept of Hurry vs. Hustle and how to implement it.
  • Discover tactical ways to unlock the power of your people, individual and as a team
  • Implement communication strategies that solve issues and get your teams refocused and energized.

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