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I’m a midwest mom of four young boys, a recovering perfectionist, and joy seeker. I’m also a former corporate executive turned motivational speaker, bestselling author, and coach. After a brief stint of me lying on the bathroom floor with severe tendonitis, a week-long migraine, IBS, and shooting pains in my teeth, I knew there had to be a better way to live. So I found it. Now, I share it. I like to live outside the box (preferably without one). I’m also big into vegetables (growing and eating), puzzles, dark chocolate, and showing my boys how fast I can run in a dress.

Since my bathroom floor moment, I’ve been delivering strategic and effective content to countless organizations and individuals. Together, we learn how to be still and listen. Then, we transform what we hear into our superpowers. Your hustle will have a purpose. And we will change the way your business moves through this world.

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